Media Wall


To serve as an electronic billboard to promote the school and its recruitment efforts by honoring the accomplishments of its faculty, staff, students and alumni, advertising school events and initiatives, and demonstrating the school’s legacy of achievement as well as active role in the local and national healthcare community

Target Audience


School visitors including community leaders, prospective students and their families as well as current students


Faculty and staff

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Submissions Policy

Faculty, staff and students may submit announcements for FPB-related events, honors, awards and other topics to at or directly to the director or assistant director of marketing. Submissions should be made one week before they need to be posted and approved by the director of marketing.

Read more about FPB's marketing and communications department.

Announcements may be submitted on a brand-compliant slide approved by the director of marketing or by providing the necessary information for slides to be generated by the marketing office.  The majority of announcements will be made on pre-existing templates.

Announcements of high priority such as national honors and major grant awards may receive a unique visual treatment and may rotate through the slide show with extended time and more frequency. 

Sample List of Approved Topics for Media Wall

  • Local & National Honors & Awards from Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Grant Award Announcements
  • Dissertation Defense Schedule
  • Special Lectures and Events
  • Gold Bag Lectures
  • Open House Schedule
  • Alumni Awards & Accomplishments
  • Major Gift Announcements
  • Factoids about the School & its Legacy, the Centers
  • Welcome New Faculty & Staff
  • Welcome International Visitors
  • Employee Anniversary Dates

Effective Date:  Jan. 7, 2013