Grant Development + Application

Grant Development and Applying for a Grant

Step 1: Consult with Shirley Moore, Associate Dean for Research or Sara Douglas, Assistant Dean for Research

Meet with one of the Deans for Research. While this is an initial planning meeting, please be prepared to discuss your study idea, research team and potential plans.

Step 2: Contact CFRS

Schedule an appointment with CFRS to help you:

  • Review funding opportunity guidelines and restrictions
  • Identify research team and research sites
  • Create a submission timeline
  • Plan proposal components
  • Outline/develop a budget and identify resources needed
    • Budget justification
  • Discuss editing services
  • Facilitate/connect you with appropriate services in marketing such as publications, adversting and electronic media for study recruitment.‚Äč
Step 3: Write and Submit the Grant

CFRS provides support and assistance throughout the submission process to ensure accurate and prompt grant submission.