FPB Advisory Board

The FPB Advisory Board's purpose is to embrace Marian Shaughnessy's vision to make FPB the “Leadership Destination." The FPB faculty and staff members on the board will focus on developing and implementing leadership education opportunities for faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Leadership is 90% relationships, therefore, the board will assist the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy to build relationships and be cognizant of FPB’s mission to “create and empower nurse leaders” and determine how this fits with Shaughnessy’s vision.

The advisory board's goals include:

  • Developing leadership knowledge and skills of all faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Infusing leadership into all courses in all academic programs;
  • Highlighting the school's leadership legacy and its impact on the profession;
  • Bringing forth the FPB mission during daily discussions: live and breathe the mission as a FPB leader.

Celeste M. Alfes, Board Co-Chair; faculty, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor

Rebecca M. Patton, Board Co-Chair; faculty, Lucy Jo Atkinson Professor in Perioperative Nursing

Erika Cheung, alumni, President of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Alumni Association

Evelyn Duffy, faculty, Florence Cellar Professor in Gerontological Nursing

Joyce Fitzpatrick, faculty, Elizabeth Brooks Ford Professor in Nursing

Janna Kinney, faculty, instructor

Caron Peoples, staff, Director of Information Technology

Maria Sharron, staff, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Joachim Voss, faculty, Independence Foundation Professor in Nursing Education

Celine Mathijsen Greenwood, student, Graduate Student Nurses Association representative

Nicholas Valenta, student, Undergraduate Student Nurses Association representative

  • Conduct faculty survey on current leadership roles;
  • Develop leadership programming for faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Engage the FPB Alumni Association in student mentoring
  • Align Advisory Board activities with PFB Culture and Climate Committee goals and activities;
  • Increase international presence of FPB Faculty by coordinator efforts with International Office
  • Continue "Nurses Decode" series with coordination by Rebecca M. Patton.

Consistent with its mission, the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy is announcing a small grants program to support the development of leadership projects within the School of Nursing. We are soliciting proposals for leadership projects that demonstrate the impact of nursing leadership within clinical practice, education, or in the community.

Leadership in this context refers to recognizing an opportunity within the school, the university, a healthcare system, or the community, identifying the opportunity with the relevant stakeholders, and proposing and implementing solutions that contribute to positive change. The project should be related to FPB’s strategic plan, and the description of the projects' structure should align with FPB leadership. All proposed projects should be of short-term duration, with the potential for completion in 6-12 weeks.

Download the Leadership Development Program Grant Application