The Webel Research Lab

Photo of Allison Webel, PhD, RN, FAAN, and leader of the Webel Research Lab at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our lab investigates how to help adults with HIV live and age well. We use rigorous and innovative research techniques to examine how non-pharmacological approaches prevent and mitigate chronic disease, reduce symptoms, and improve quality of life in people living with HIV.

Current Studies

BOBCAT study logo

The BOBCAT Study is a randomized clinical trial testing the effect of an innovative self-management intervention to improve exercise, diet and cardiovascular health in adults living with HIV.


EXTRA-CVD is an implementation science study adapting and testing a nurse-led intervention to reduce systolic BP in non-HDL cholesterol over 12 months in adults living with HIV. This study is being conducted at University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center; MetroHealth Systems; and Duke Health.

Logo for the PROSPER-HIV study being conducted by the Webel Research Lab. The logo features an icon of a free weight and a fork.

The PROSPER-HIV Study is a 5-year observational study investigating how physical activity and diet intake impact the symptom experience of adults living with HIV. This study is being conducted at University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center; University of Alabama at Birmingham; University of Washington; and Fenway Health.

Webel Research Lab Leaders

The talented doctors and nurse scientists at The Webel Research Lab have explored myriad topics that assist adults with HIV in living and aging well.

Nurse researchers pose for a photo on World AIDS Day 2019.

Archived Studies

Stock photo of nurses discussing patient care.

Understanding the Management of Chronic Disease in Women Living with HIV/AIDS (MANAGE)

The MANAGE study examined self-management as practiced by women living with HIV/AIDS in the context of their lives and developed and validated a self-reported HIV self-management scale.

Learn more about the MANAGE Study.

TRIP Study
Stock image of an EKG test with an alert notification

Exploring relationship among sTRess, Isolation, and Physical activity (TRIP) in older adults living with HIV/AIDS

This exploratory study identified modifiable psychosocial risk factors in older PLWH and laid the foundation for the development of novel, evidence-based self-management interventions for this population.

Learn more about the TRIP study.