The Graduate Student Nurses Association (GSNA)

We, the graduate students of the MN, MSN, and DNP programs of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (FPB) at Case Western Reserve University, believe that a graduate student association supports the mission of FPB, creates opportunities for the development of graduate student responsibility and leadership, promotes loyalty to our school and profession, and increases understanding and cooperation between faculty and the students.

Board Members 2020-2021

  • GSNA Board President - Enrique Francis 
  • GSNA Board MN Vice President - Maria Mullin
  • GSNA Board MSN  Vice President  - Heng Hu
  • GSNA Board DNP Vice President  - Adam Cox
  • GSNA Board Treasurer - Rebecca Cusick
  • GSNA Board Secretary - Jessica Purdin
  • GSNA Director of Public Relations - Sarah Nocar 

We have several other positions still available that would look GREAT on your professional resume. If you are interested in getting involved in GSNA, or have suggestions for how we can better serve our community, please reach out to Enrique Francis at

Still Want to Get Involved?