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Graduate Entry

Admission Overview

  • Application information is available on our Graduate Entry Applications Instructions page.

  • Classes for the Master of Nursing Program (pre- RN licensure) begin in the fall semester only.

  • Your application will be reviewed once all of your application materials are received, including those listed in the Application Instructions‌. 
    • A complete application includes all items on the checklist for applications; that is, the application form and all required supporting documents.
    • Review the Application Instructions‌‌ for deadline information.

For questions or information, contact Zack Nichols at 216.368.5981 or

Admission Requirements

Senior Year Students in Professional Studies (SYPS)

  • Students currently enrolled in a four-year baccalaureate program at an accredited college or university may apply to the Graduate Entry Nursing Program during their junior year. View a list of colleges + universities where students were enrolled a the time of admission >
    • SYPS applicants must meet all admission requirements (General Admissions Requirements, below).
    • The student enrolls in the Graduate Entry Nursing Program during what would be his/her senior year at the home college. 
    • The student earns a BA or BS from the liberal arts college upon successful completion of one year of the pre-licensure level (Senior Year in Professional Studies) and then continues on in the Graduate Entry Nursing program to earn the MN and, if desired, MSN degrees.
  • Students at Case Western Reserve University apply through the undergraduate dean of their respective schools at the beginning of their junior year. For the university to award a BS or BA degree at the end of successful completion of the first year of the MN phase of the Graduate Entry Nursing Program, the following requirements must be met:
    • Completion of the Case Western Reserve University Core Curriculum and two semesters of physical education, unless excused from the latter.
    • Completion of three quarters of the major and minor concentration requirements
    • Completion of at least 90 semester hours of academic credit, with the final 60 hours being while in residence on campus with no more than 6 semester hours earned in courses taken in another institution, either by cross-registration or by approved transfer of credit

General Admissions Requirements

  • BA, BS or BFA with acceptable overall undergraduate GPAs (3.0 cumulative; 2.75 natural science; 2.75 behavioral sciences). A grade of C (2.0) or higher is required for individual pre-requisite courses.

  • English Composition: One course or approved equivalent; at least 3 credits

  • Psychology, Sociology, or Anthropology- one course, at least 3 credits

  • Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan: One course; at least 3 credits

  • Chemistry: Two courses; lab preferred. One course in general or inorganic chemistry, plus one course in organic chemistry or biochemistry comparable to Case Western Reserve's CHEM 119 and 121 within 5 years prior to enrollment. At least 6 credits total.

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology: With labs, at least 6 credits within 5 years prior to enrollment.

  • Microbiology: One course, at least 4 credits, with lab within 5 years prior to enrollment.

  • Nutrition, one course, 3 credits

  • Statistics: One course, at least 3 credits, equivalent to Case Western Reserve’s STAT 201 (must include ANOVA) required within 5 years prior to enrollment in the program

  • Admission Test: Submit scores for one of the following tests:

    • GRE General Test (preferred test): Satisfactory scores required (minimum of: Verbal 150, Quantitative 150, and Analytical Writing 4.0 in the new scoring system or Verbal 500, Quantitative 500, and Analytical Writing 4.0 or Analytical 500 in old scoring system.

    • Miller Analogies Test (MAT): Satisfactory scores required (minimum of 400 after 10/04 or 45 before 10/04).

    • The Admissions Committee may review scores of other graduate admission tests such as MCAT or GMAT. Please contact the Office of Enrollment regarding submitting such scores.

    • Applicants holding an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or higher may contact the Admission Office or Program Director to request waiver of the admission test requirement.

Megan Palko Grudzinski

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Graduate Entry Program Contacts

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Dr. Molly Jackson

Department Assistant

Anne Watson

Office of Admissions

Zack Nichols, Recruiter

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