Pharm Fair

grad entry pharm fair

Pharmacology Course

This is an annual event for the MN1 students in the Fall semester. The project is part of their pharmacology course and is designed for them to take a more active approach to learning. The students pair up and choose a patient one of them has cared for in the hospital.
  • They present the patient (with a few details omitted or changed to provide privacy),
  • the story of what brought them to the hospital,
  • and pick a medication they are currently receiving.
They need to describe the disease process or condition that the medication is treating as well as talk about how the medication works, adverse, effects, how to administer safely, and any special considerations for the nurse. Additionally, they have to come up with some interesting fun facts about the medication, consult an expert to get a better understanding of the use of the medication, develop a quiz question and a patient education handout (which challenges them to write in terms that the layperson would understand). 
The students present the information on a poster board and have a brief oral presentation they give when others visit their station. Half the students spend the first hour manning their station and sharing this new knowledge with others while the other half of the students wander around the room learning about all of the other medications. Then they switch places for the second hour. All FPB faculty and students are invited, as well as dental, physician assistant and med students. 
It's one way to brush up on commonly used medications, learn something new, educate others, and work on presentation skills. Four of the students from this year's class will be working with me over the summer to see if we can publish this as an innovative teaching strategy.
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