Neurocritical Care Boot Camp Program Agenda

Neurocritical Care Boot Camp

Topics for 2018

Day 1 

Enrollment capped at 48   

Location: Case Western Reserve University Campus

Didactic and case-based application of content taught by expert instructors in a unique interactive classroom setting to foster advanced practice problem-based learning and clinical decision-making.

  • Critical Application of Neuroanatomy & Neuroimaging in Acute Neurological Deterioration  
  • Neuropharmacology Updates: Case Based Applications of Changes in Coagulation Management
  • Principles of EEG Application, Monitoring, and Interpretation
  • Stroke Updates: Indication and Techniques for Mechanical Thrombectomy
  • Fluid Management in Subarachnoid Management: More or Less?

Day 2 

Enrollment capped at 20  

Location: The Center for Simulation at MetroHealth

Small groups will rotate through multiple skill stations to learn best practices for line placement and to practice the skill set. Simulation and debriefing are used to provide deep learning around application of guidelines in selected patient conditions. All skills and content are taught by expert clinicians.

  • Learn and practice skills at stations for placement of arterial and central lines, endotracheal intubation, ultrasound evaluations, placement of intracranial pressure monitor (bolt) and external ventricular drain device. Partial task-trainers, virtual reality equipment, simulated patients, and cadaver models are used for optimal and progressive skill development.
  • Participate in real time, complex neurocritical care simulation scenarios with expert simulation staff, clinical staff instructors, and videotaped debriefing sessions.