Alumni Association Board

Board Meeting Dates | 2021
  • Saturday, February 20:  Virtual Board Retreat
  • Wednesday May 26 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST via Zoom
  • Thursday August 19 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST via Zoom (potential for an in-person option)
  • Friday October 22 (annual community meeting at Homecoming) – time TBD


2021 Vision and Goals
  • Strengthen interaction amongst alumni globally through social media and networking events
  • Increase and sustain financial support for student professional engagement and/or endeavors
  • Maintain strong enthusiasm and participation from all alumni board members (directors and committee members)
  • Leverage knowledge and expertise from the Marian K. Shaughnessy Leadership Academy through educational offerings and mentorship
  • Support interdisciplinary collaboration across the healthcare spectrum (from the community to academic institutions to health systems)
    Executive Board

    Erika Cheung, BSN'12

    Patricia Beam, DNP '15
    Past President

    Ramona Sowers, DNP'09

    Paula Forsythe, BSN'82, MSN'84
    Operational Director

    Kathryn Moore, DNP '07
    Alumni Engagement Director


    Board Members:

    Pat Beam, DNP '15

    Latina Brooks, PhD '02, MSN '98, BSN '95, BA '93

    Theresa Campo, DNP '08

    Erika Cheung, BSN '12

    Mary Alice Dombrowski, DNP '04, MSN '00

    Kathleen Frato, MSN, RN

    Paula Forsythe, MSN '82, BSN '84

    Heidi Ann Goodwin, MSN '08

    Karen Hogan, ND'83

    Helen Hurst, DNP '08, MSN '99

    Mary Jo Krivanek, DNP '18

    Colleen Leners, DNP '12, MSN

    Kathryn Moore, DNP '07

    Germaine Cheryl Nelson, DNP '17, MSN

    Laura Nosek, PhD '85, MSN '81, BSN '61

    George Peraza Smith, DNP'12, MSN

    Pamela Slaven-Lee, DNP '08

    Ramona Sowers, DNP '09, MSN

    Mary Louise Tatum, MSN '20

    Jessica Vida-Clough, MSN, BSN '10

    Committee Members

    Christina Burrell Clark, MSN '08, BSN '04

    Ann Jenkins Farmer, BSN '99

    Heidi Filer, BSN '99

    Julia Golden, BSN '09

    Lauren Kusi, MSN ''20

    Ruth O'Brien, PhD, MSN '66

    Courtney Donahue Stathis, DNP '19

    Joanne Thanavaro, ND '04

    Nancy Wagner, DNP '09

    Alumni Association Board Members
    Alumni Association Committee Members