FPB Nurses Week Photo Contest 2015 Winning Entries

GSNA Board President

Jessica Chalas

During her community clinical experience, freshman Jessica Chalas helps the school nurse at Tremont Montessori School collect heights and weights of first graders.

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay, junior BSN student, attended the National Student Nurses Association meeting in Phoenix. She is executive president of the FPB Undergraduate Student Nurses Association.

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Brooke Hortness

First-year School of Nursing students learn how to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Diana Kovacic

Diana recently volunteered in Haiti at a local orphanage and at the island's only trauma hospital.

GSNA Board Treasurer

Emily Bretzloff-Rohrs

BSN students gather at CCF after their medical surgical clinical, including Marina Mijic, Katlin Hunt, Rebecca Arko, Nora Murray, Emily Bretzloff-Rohrs, Erin Discenza (instructor), Julie Sebastian, Ailin Jiang and Isaac Martinez

photo contest

Jordan Fayen

MN students during their clinical rotation at Metro. They were part of an IPE project with 3rd year medical students discussing how to improve interdisciplinary education. They then presented the project to the SICU and surrounding floors at Metro. The students are Janine Espiritu, Jordan Fayen, Jocelyn Sherman, Leah Tunningley, and Lisa Nguyen.