FPB Nurses Week Photo Contest 2017 Winning Entries

GSNA Board President

Caroline Hems

Caroline Hems donning PPE to practice taking care of a baby with Ebola in the nursing school.

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Karyn Rapundalo

Karyn Rapundalo and classmates jumping for joy in front of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Suleika R. Stray BSN, RN

LT Suleika R. Stray , NC, USNR monitors the vital signs of a patient at Camp Lemonnier's Expeditionary Medical Facility in Djibouti, Djibouti Africa.

GSNA Board Treasurer

Eric Kramer

Eric Kramer, CRNA, MSN with an offroad ambulance in a village in Mexico, picking up a woman who had been in labor.

GSNA Board DNP Vice President

Lauren Myers

Lauren Myers and classmates in a clinical group from the MN program.

photo contest

Ian Saludares

"Future DNPs from NY Presbyterian Hospital! We are all smiling. Survived first day of Theories for Nursing Practice & Scholarship."