The PhD Student Nurses Association (PSNA)

Picture of CWRU FPB PSNA students chatting with Mentors.

The purpose of the PhD Student Nurses Association (PSNA) is to facilitate fulfillment of needs particular to the PhD student group which arise out of its unique relationship with the School of Graduate Studies and the FPB School of Nursing. These needs include:

  • Socialization into the research role
  • Acknowledgement, support, and networking for scholarly productivity
  • Communication
  • Representation to the PhD Council regarding programmatic issues

Executive Committee Officers 2019-2020

Graduate Student Council 2019-2020 Representatives 


  • All PhD Nursing Students

Travel & Dissertation Reception Reimbursement for PhD Students

Please visit PSNA blackboard site for announcement and useful documents. Let us know if you cannot access PSNA blackboard site.