Non-Degree Applicants

After your application is received and approved, you will receive further instructions via e-mail on how to register via the Student Information System (SIS). Status as a non-degree student does not imply acceptance into FPB. Continuation of this status is at the discretion of FPB's administrative officer. If the non-degree student applies for admission to FPB, course work completed as a non-degree student will be evaluated on an individual basis for its applicability to degree requirements within the time frame for the degree.


For MSN or DNP courses, the applicant must first submit our online application, and receive permission from the appropriate program director, before enrolling in the course. Non-degree students may take up to 6 credits of courses before being admitted to the MSN or DNP program. Clinical courses required for the MSN program may not be taken as a non-degree student. For the MSN or DNP programs, select nursing school and Non-Degree Applicant.


For those wishing to take PhD courses, the applicant must obtain written permission from the faculty teaching the course and the PhD Program Director in the FPB School of Nursing for those taking PhD courses. An applicant with basic preparation in nursing may apply to register as a non-degree student for up to 9 credits in the PhD program. For the PhD program, select graduate studies and Non-Degree Applicant.