Graduate Entry Nursing Student Portfolio

MN Portfolio

A complete portfolio is a graduation requirement of the MN program. The MN portfolio is submitted to your initial MN advisor during the final semester of the program no later than the Monday following the last day of regular classes. The format may be binder or jump drive and the initial MN advisor is available to assist as you prepare the portfolio.

The primary purpose of a portfolio is to engage students in the learning process and to augment traditional classroom learning and evaluation of learning. The portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that reflects or provides evidence of student efforts, progress and achievement toward attainment of learning outcomes based on articulated competence.

If you plan to pursue the MSN at FPB, be sure to retain your MN portfolio as a foundation for the MSN portfolio.

A Complete MN Student Portfolio Includes the Following Documents:

  • Scope of practice statement for your practice area of interest.
  • Evidence of student membership in a professional organization in your area of interest. 
  • Curriculum vitae or resume. 
  • MN curriculum including the list of MSN-level courses taken. 
  • Description of the MN Program- provided by Program Director. 
  • Syllabi for all courses taken in the MN program. 
  • Verification of application for RN license.
  • Narrative exemplars describing how each MN Student Learning Outcome was met.
  • Exemplar paper written for an MN course.
  • ELNEC certificate (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium)-required for waiver of NURS 444A.
  • CITI certificate (Collaborative Institutional Training Certificate).
  • IHI Open School Basic Certificate of Completion.
  • CPR, and related credentials.
  • Other materials as desired.

Approved by MN faculty, September 2014, rev. approved by MN faculty September 2016.