Pharm Fair

Group photo of participants at the FPB CWRU Pharm Fair

Pharmacology Course

An annual Fall Semester event for first year MN students, the Pharm Fair is designed to encourage active learning. The project, part of the pharmacology course, requires students (paired as teams) to select one patient that they have provided care for in a clinical setting and develop a case study.

To protect patient confidentiality, the students omit or change certain details to ensure anonymity. Students describe significant medical history and the reason that hospitalization was required, and profile one medication that was prescribed to the patient.

Each team creates a poster outlining:

  • The disease process or condition for which the medication was prescribed
  • Intended effects of the medication
  • Side effects or adverse responses to be on the alert for
  • Safety considerations in medication administration
  • Interesting/fun facts about the medication

Students present their case studies to guests and classmates. They also develop an educational handout for patient education, taking health literacy into account.

All FPB faculty, students, and staff are invited to visit the fair, as well as students in other health-related disciplines at CWRU.

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