Education with Population Focus

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Preparing Educators of Future Nurses

MSN students in this track are prepared to provide education to students who will care for patients in a variety of settings. The education major meets the need for the nurse educator with a clinical focus area. The major is responsive to students who want to focus exclusively on the education of future generations of nurses, and it is intended for students who want to ensure that the future nurse is well-prepared with critical thinking skills that will enhance health care.

Graduates are eligible for the NLN education certification exam after 2 years of experience.

Sample Full-Time Curriculum

First Year

Fall Semester I

Course ID Course Title Credits
NURS 405 Inquiry I: Theoretical Foundations 2
NURS 459 Assessment for Advanced Practice 3
NUNP 410 Health Promotion Across the Life Span 2
NURS 451 Leadership for Quality Healthcare within Organizations and Systems 3
NURS 444A Ethical and End of Life Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice 1
  Total 11

Spring Semester I

Course ID Course Title Credits
NURS 425 Inquiry II: The Research Process 3
NURS 430 Pharmacology and Therapeutics for the Advanced Practice Nurse 3
NUED 432 Common and Acute Health Problems of the Adult and Older Adult 3
NUED 509 Curriculum and Instruction 3
  Total 12

Summer Semester

Course ID Course Title Credits
NUED 449 Primary Care of the Older Adult 3
NURS 502 Inquiry III Evidenced Based Nursing Practice 2
NUED 609 Testing and Evaluation 2
  Total 7

Second Year

Fall Semester II

Course ID Course Title Credits
NUED 434 Advanced management in adult and older adult primary care 3
NUND 615 Teaching Practicum 5
NURS 444C Health Care Delivery, Legal and Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice: Policy and Legal 1
  Total 9

Program Total Hours: 39