Self-Management of Health and Illness

Self-management of health and illness places the individual/family as the primary provider of care for acute and chronic illness and responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Self-management includes treatment adherence and behavior change to promote healthy diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, self-monitoring, and active engagement with the health care team. Our experts study self-management in multiple health conditions, throughout the lifespan, and in populations with significant health disparities. They have described biological, psycho social, and environmental influences on self-management behavior; developed novel ways of measuring self-management behavior and its consequences; and designed and tested interventions to improve self-management outcomes.

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Associate Dean for Research:

Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Dean for Research:

Sara L. Douglas, PhD, RN

Assistant Dean for Research Administration:

Margaret Roudebush

Assistant Director of the Center for Research & Scholarship:

Sally Garrett Karyo

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Danielle Bunkley