The FIND Lab is a National Institutes of Nursing Research/National Institute of Health funded center to promote Full Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Research (P30NR010676-03S1 and 3P30NR010676-03S1).

FIND Lab Goals

  • Promote the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream health care research through use of Universal Design of Research.
  • Encourage research on the general health care needs of persons with disabilities, i.e., health care needs that are not specifically focused on the disability.


The health needs of people with disabilities are greatly underrepresented in health care research. Researchers have traditionally excluded many people with disabilities, such as those who cannot hear, or who cannot see well enough to read or write, from participating in their research projects. These populations are often, therefore, excluded from the benefits of being end users of the interventions tested. The FIND Lab is addressing this disparity by developing tools and strategies to include individuals with disabilities in research.

Universal Design of Research (UDR): A Core Concept for the FIND Lab

UDR is the design of research processes, instruments, and interventions to facilitate potential inclusion of all persons in the target population regardless of each individual’s abilities or disabilities, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. UDR involves providing multiple ways for participants to (1) learn about the research; (2) arrive at the research site; (3) access research instruments and interventions; and (4) respond to research instruments and interventions.


The FIND Lab is collaborating with the Cleveland Sight Center and the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center, which are available to assist with consultations concerning the inclusion of persons with visual and hearing disabilities.