About the Hirsh Institute

The Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute for Best Nursing Practices Based on Evidence was established by the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing in 1998. The goal of the Institute is to facilitate the integration into practice of the most current available best evidence to support nurses and other health professionals in their clinical decision-making.

Historically, nursing and medical practices have been based to a large extent on expert opinion and tradition. Nursing practice based on the best available evidence is the ideal basis for delivering optimal health care and assuring positive patient outcomes. Through the integration of research into practice, the Hirsh Institute stimulates the use of best nursing practices based on evidence as a basis for delivering superior health care, shaping the next phase of nursing research, and providing educational standards for nursing education and practice.

The Hirsh Institute is prepared to assist organizations and individual nurses in the development of necessary skills to use evidence in the support of clinical practice.

The Vision, Mission and Aims of the Hirsh Institute for Evidence Based Practice


  • Discover, disseminate, and implement evidence-based practices with our academic and practice partners.


  • To develop an interprofessional center for evidence-based practice implementation that facilitates best practice uptake and transforms practice outcomes.


  • In partnership with the Quality and Safety and Education for Nurses (QSEN) Institute (CWRU, Cleveland OH), provide contemporary expertise in evidence-based practice and quality improvement.
  • Engage teams in practice change projects that are relevant to the needs of our clinical partners.
  • Provide forums to enhance diffusion of evidence-based practices through discovery and generation of solutions.
  • Promote learning and research in HIV care through lectures, studies, and conferences.

Formal portrait of Hirsh Institute founder Sarah Cole Hirsh

Sarah Cole Hirsh‌

The Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute for Best Nursing Practices Based on Evidence is made possible by a bequest from the estate of Sarah "Sally" Cole Hirsh, a dedicated alumna (MN '45).

Throughout her career, Sally Hirsh was a dedicated volunteer for the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. From 1963-69, she served as national chair of the University Medical Center Development Program and helped raise substantial funds for the construction of the building that currently houses the nursing school.

In 1973, Mrs. Hirsh received the school's first Alumni Award. She continued to serve the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing until her death in 1997.