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Comics Contest

What health-related evidence based practice in your discipline(s) can be disseminated to the community using comic book design? Topics from nursing, medicine, social work, business, law, dental health, engineering, art, nutrition and others will be considered. Use your inspiration and create an 8 page comic book using Comic Life, a comic design software package that is free for student use (as part of a 30 day trial). Participants are encouraged to apply their personal graphic style.


  • Individual or team submissions will be considered. There are no restrictions on team size. Students from all CWRU schools are eligible to participate.
  • Teams must register no later than March 24, 2017. Register
  • Teams may access the Comic Life software on computers at Kelvin Smith Library OR download a free 30 day trial (for either Windows or Mac) at https://plasq.com/apps/comiclife/macwin/

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Comics Pages

  • Develop eight comics pages based on your script, including balloons, dialogues, onomatopoeic words and sound effects. Be sure to include foreground and background in your panels and decide what objects should receive the most emphasis within the scene. Plan your scenes, place characters thoughtfully in their environment, keep your designs clean and clear. Be mindful not to let your script get too long—the goal is to have your visuals tell the story.
  • The eight pages should include any title, names of all team members, and attributions (if required by copyright). References for your guideline are required.
  • The number of frames selected per page is up to the designing team. We found three to six frames per page to be optimal in creating this example


  • The eight pages must be developed using Comic Life. A basic Comic Life tutorial is also available online
  • You may choose from self-collected photos, drawings, or existing images to create the content of the comics so long as you adhere to any copyright restrictions associated with those images.

Process for Submission

Judging Criteria

  • Impact of guideline
  • Quality of image content
  • Quality of storyline
  • Creativity
  • Overall Product


  • 1st place $250
  • 2nd place $100
  • 3rd place $50

Winners will be announced & presented at the May 3rd luncheon event (Sponsored by the Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute).

If you have question, please email Joachim G. Voss, PhD, RN, ACRN, FAAN, at jgv20@case.edu or call 216.368.5979.