Understanding the Management of Chronic Disease in Women Living with HIV/AIDS

The Webel Research Lab

The Webel Research Lab focuses on developing, testing and examining the biobehavioral consequences of self-management interventions in people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Current projects are testing a systems-based self-management intervention to improve diet, exercise and cardiometabolic health; testing the effects of intervention on cardiovascular fitness, myokines and mitochondrial dysfunction; examining the neurocognitive mediators of successful self-management interventions in PLHIV; and understanding the relationships between HIV self-management, social capital and substance in women living with HIV.

We also created and maintain an HIV Biobehavioral Data Repository which stores de-identified demographic, behavioral (diet, exercise, sleep, medication taking, and substance use), psychosocial (self-management, stressful life events, depressive symptoms, quality of life, among other), structural (neighborhood and community characteristics), medical chart abstraction (HIV laboratory values, treatments, diagnoses), biological data (laboratory values, neurological imaging, anthropomorphic, heart rate variability, among others), and stored specimens (whole blood, serum, PBMC’s and hair) in more than 200 adults living with HIV over 5 waves of data collection. New participants are added to repository weekly.

HIV Biobehavioral Research Office Protocols
Protocol Principal Investigator Year(s) (N) Data Collection Frequency
Exploring relationships among stress, isolation, and physical activity in older adults living with HIV Webel 2011-2013 105 Baseline & 12 months
A randomized clinical trial of SystemCHANGE, a diet and exercise self-management intervention in people living with HIV Webel 2015-present

(n=109 HIV+; n=20 HIV)

Baseline, 3, 6, 12 & 24 months
Social Capital and Self-Management in Women Living with HIV Webel 2015-present 29 Baseline, 12 Weeks, 24 Weeks
An Ecological Understanding of Physical Activity Patterns of Adults Living with HIV Webel 2016-2017 115 1 visit
A Mixed Methods Study of Physical Activity and Diet Self-Management in People Living with HIV Perazzo 2017 Ongoing 1 visit


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