The Undergraduate Student Nurses Association (USNA)

usna volunteers

Welcome to the Undergraduate Student Nursing Association (USNA)! USNA has an executive board made up of a presidentvice president,secretarytreasurer, and faculty advisor. We also have class officers for each academic grade. The class officers communicate between their classes and the executive board, and all officers meet twice a month to organize and plan new activities. Anyone is welcome to come to these meetings to learn more about USNA and bring concerns or projects to the board.

2017-2018 USNA Executive Board

Executive Board:

President: Emma Baker
Vice-President: Jack O'Brien 
Secretary: Serena Kao
Treasurer: Jim De La Cruz

Junior Executive Board:

VP Events: Olivia Marino
VP Communications: Mirriam Lee
VP Fundraising: Gabi Shabo
VP Student Development: Eva Katsaros
VP Alumni Relations: Hillary Delin

Faculty Advisor: Catherine Mohney, MSN, RN, instructor in the School of Nursing