Drop-in Child Care Service for CWRU


One to One Fitness is proud to offer an appointment-based, drop-in child care solution for students, post docs, faculty and staff of Case Western Reserve University. The program provides a safe and socially engaging environment for children while their parent works nearby. 

Weekdays: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Ages: Any child fully potty trained

The service, available by appointment only, is designed for up to nine hours of childcare at One to One Fitness. Guidelines are set with a maximum of six children at a time.

Our experienced staff, all of whom have completed a background check and are first aid, CPR and AED certified, will oversee the children to ensure they stay engaged in safe activities or are actively completing their school’s distance learning curriculum.

Make a Reservation    Child Care Guidelines

Click for instructions on how to use the MINDBODY website or MINDBODY app. Note that we are under "Next Level: A One to One Fitness Studio" in MINDBODY.

"(Child) LOVED being at "mommy's gym". When I put him to bed last night, he told me he was going to dream about the gym :). I felt very comfortable having him there, and obviously (Child) did, too!"

-G.A., CWRU employee and One to One member

"My son loved his time there. The very first thing he said when I picked him up was 'Can we do this again?'.  I am glad he had a great time. I was a bit nervous about how he would do, now I am confident to use this awesome facility within the campus. I hope you continue to have this childcare facility this summer and the rest of the year."

-B.N., CWRU employee

See our FAQs below!


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Child Care Guidelines / FAQs

The heath and safety of your children and our staff are our priority. Please see below to answer all your questions!

Fees for this service are scaled by income and price is per child. 

Category Fee
CWRU students (undergraduate and graduate students) $4 per hour
CWRU employees earning up to $50,000 a year $4 per hour
CWRU employees earning between $50,001 and $99,999 a year $7 per hour
CWRU employees earning $100,000 or more a year $10 per hour

Child care is held at One to One Fitness Center's main location; 2130 Adelbert Rd. We are located next to the large wind turbine, across from Rainbow Babies' parking garage.

Within One to One, the child care room is on the second level of the facility. Parents and children will stop at the front desk before proceeding to the room.

For a quick drop off, you can park in the circular driveway beside One to One (near the wind turbine) with your hazard lights on. 

If you need more time, park in Lot 53. You receive 30-min at no charge, or bring your ticket in for validation. Validation is only available for times your child is attending child care.

Parent/legal guardian and child(ren) must check in at the front desk before proceeding to the child care room. The same parent or legal guardian must drop off and pick up the child and will sign the child in and out for the day.

The child care staff are experienced CWRU students who have completed a background check and are first aid, CPR and AED certified. Our  management staff is also available at all times.

Due to COVID-19, shared items will be very limited. Parents should bring toys, homework, mobile devices, pencils/pens, and/or activities for their child. Keep in mind the duration of your child's stay when packing.

Our experienced staff will ensure the children are engaged in safe activities!

Yes, parents should pack ample food and drinks based on the duration of the reservation. All items should be clearly labeled with the child's name.

Drinks should be in a spill-proof cup. Food should be in a zip lock bag or sealable container. If something should remain cool, please bring a cooler. All food and drinks should be nut free.

There will be designated snack times for all children. Eating will not be permitted outside of those times. 

Food and drinks cannot be shared with other children, so please remember to pack enough for your child.

All children must be potty trained to use our child care service. Parents should take the child to the restroom before leaving.

There is a restroom located next to the child care room. Children will be escorted to the restroom by a staff member.

Children are required to demonstrate good behavior when in our care and must follow the instructions and directions of the staff. Parents will be contacted if a child needs to be picked up early.

Child care will close in the event of a campus closure. If campus closes early, or One to One needs to close, the parent will be notified immediately and will need to pick up their child as soon as possible, within 60-minutes. The necessary refunds or credits for the day's reservation will be processed as needed.


Reserving Your Appointment(s)

Reservations are required in advance and made through our MINDBODY software system. We are listed under "Next Level: A One to One Fitness Studio" in MINDBODY. You will need to create a MINDBODY account. We do not accept walk-in appointments.

  • Appointments can be from 1-9 hours per day, rounded to the next full hour. 
  • If you have more than one child, a reservation is needed for each child.
  • Reservations must be made by 6 a.m. the day of the request.
  • Cancellations must be made by 6 a.m. the day of the reservation, or a full day's charge will be assessed.

Instructions to use MINDBODY website

Instructions to use the MINDBODY app

After registering and reserving your appointment through MINDBODY, you will receive an email with information that is needed prior to your first visit (to be completed by the parent or legal guardian):

  • Child Intake Form - needed for each child
  • Liability Waiver - an electronic form will be sent to you from DocHub on behalf of One to One Fitness. 

Cancellations must be received by 6 a.m. the day of the reservation by calling 216-368-1121 to avoid being charged for the full reservation. Leave a voicemail if after hours. 


Health and Safety Guidelines

Parents must remain on the CWRU campus / in the area and reachable by cell phone at all times in case of emergency.

Do not bring in a child who has signs and symptoms of, or have been exposed to someone who has signs and symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19:

  • Temperature of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheight
  • Fever or chills
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If someone was confirmed with or exposed to someone confirmed with COVID-19, they must self-isolate in accordance with local guidelines.

Do not bring children to the facility who have signs and symptoms of any other communicable illnesses, such as a cold, fever, eye, or ear infection. Anyone sent home or who has experienced these symptoms must have medical clearance and/or symptom-free for at least 24-hours without medication.

Children & parents must thoroughly wash and/or disinfect hands upon entering and exiting the facility.

Children will be encouraged to cough into their elbows and not touch their mouth, nose and eyes.

Children will be required to wash their hands at least once every hour and will wash / disinfect hands between using items in the room.


Staff, parents and children are required to wear masks or facial coverings at all times, except when eating or drinking.  If your child is not used to wearing a mask for a prolonged period, please practice this at home and do not bring them until they are comfortable with this requirement.

Children will have individual areas to play/work that are socially distant from other children when possible.

Please observe proper social distancing during drop off and pick up times, and at all times when within the facility.

If your child requires medication of any kind, the parent will need to return to the facility to administer the medication. 

In the event of a medical emergency, EMS and the parent will be called. If deemed necessary, the child will be transported to the appropriate hospital by EMS. Parents must be reachable by phone at all times.