Denita Hawkins

Denita joined the One to One family in August, 2019. She is an NASM certified personal trainer, certified in Zumba, Zumbini, and a Gold's Gym Boot Camp Coach. Denita was very active in sports in her youth, including playing basketball for Wittenburg University. After athletics, Denita found herself struggling with her weight and tried many fad diets and weight loss programs. After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, she committed herself not only to a healthier lifestyle, but to use her experience to help others recognize their value and gain confidence through functional movement. Over time, she lost nearly 80 pounds and realized that her life purpose was to have a career in fitness. Her goal in working with clients is to understand the day-to-day challenges they face that prevents them from making their investment in themselves their first priority. Through using her own experiences and sincere desire to help others see themselves in their brightest light, she is eager to watch both bodies and lives transform. Outside of the gym, Denita enjoys spending time with her twin boys.