Tangela Scott

Tangela joined the One to One Fitness team in March, 2018 as our Personal Training & Program Manager. She is a certified group fitness, cycling instructor and personal trainer. (AFFA, NASM). Her passions for fitness and muscle development are in helping her clients to achieve their fitness goals through a fun, educational and meaningful way. She believes that the health and fitness experiences are journeys for everyone. “Every person at any age or physical state has the ability to challenge muscle groups to their positive advantage, whether by taking big steps, like running marathons or small steps that include simply walking in the park daily. Either way, movement is excellent for the body and we all have the ability to challenge and change our bodies in some way, major or minor: we get to choose.” As a hip hop cycling instructor, she uses music to drive the ride with hill climbs, heavy resistance and interval training for a high intensity cardio workout. In her strength training classes and personal training, she focuses on weights to obtain hypertrophy and a toned look. While Tangela works with all fitness levels, her greatest passions lie in working with those looking to increase their power and endurance abilities. “I believe that the body is a beautifully complex machine and can be programmed to do what you train it to do.”