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‌‌Treat yourself well today! Our professional massage therapists are available for relaxation, sports, couples, or thai massage. Public welcome! Schedule your appointment today by calling 216.368.1121.

It’s not just a luxury. Massage is an important part of a fitness program. Coupled with your exercise routine, massage can shorten recovery time, reduce risk of injury, improve event preparation, increase range of motion and muscle flexibility, and maximize your body’s nutrient and oxygen supply via increased blood flow. One to One Fitness offers massage services for recovery and relaxation.

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Part of your fitness routine

To get the most out of your sports massage, inform your massage therapist about your current exercise activities and whether you have any injuries or specific concerns. Please note, you may experience a slight soreness after a massage. Just as with your fitness training, remember to arrange for regular massage appointments.

For relaxation

Our massage therapy is not only for fitness participants or One to One Fitness members (we provide services and pricing for members and non-members alike). A regular massage therapy routine can reduce pain, improve circulation, increase immune efficiency, enhances focus and emotional balance, and improve your appearance.

For couples

Why not share the love? We offer couple’s massages! Make time to relax, recover and reboot with your partner.

Try Thai

Also called “ancient massage,” Thai massage originated more than 2,500 years ago. It combines hatha yoga, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology. It uses no oils and is performed on a floor mat, in silence. Rhythmic, gentle rocking is used for point-pressure, muscle-stretching and compression. You stay clothed, so wear something comfortable.

Thai massage is believed to harmonize your energy, prevent sickness, improve flexibility, relieve sore muscles and joints, prevent injuries and detox your body. It’s also a great way to prepare for an athletic event or any kind of physical or mental performance.

Chair massage

Let us bring stress relief to you!  Our massage therapists can come to your work facility or group event to provide chair massage. To schedule this service at your next event, please contact us at 216.368.1121 or

Schedule your massage

To schedule your massage appointment, contact One to One Fitness at or 216.368.1121.  Download package pricing.

Have questions?

We get plenty of questions. We have plenty of answers. Ask yours and check out others in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Massage Pricing

Relaxation Massage



30 minutes



60 minutes



90 minutes




Couples Massage



60 minutes



90 minutes



$15 extra for specialty massage




Thai Massage



60 minutes



90 minutes



Looking to start a healthy habit? Purchase massage sessions by the package and enjoy a reduced rate per session. See package pricing.