Babysitting Hours

Monday through Thursday: 4:15-7:15 p.m.

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Sunday: CLOSED

All One to One Fitness members and guests are eligible to use our free babysitting services. We welcome children from three months to 14 years old. Below are our babysitting policies to help make sure your children are safe in our care!‌‌

Sign in!

Parents are required to sign in their children upon entering the babysitting room. 

Children will be released only to the parent who dropped them off, unless other arrangements have been made with the attending babysitter.  If you are going to be in a group exercise class, training session, massage appointment, etc., please inform the babysitter so we can find you if needed.  Parents must respond immediately to all pages.

In the event of an emergency

Parents must be in the One to One Fitness Center facility at all times when children are in babysitting. If an emergency occurs, the babysitter immediately contacts the One to One Fitness front desk and manager(s). Appropriate actions will be taken right away. Parents must respond immediately to all pages.

Help prevent sick days

For the health and safety of the other children and our staff, please do not bring children with colds, fevers, ear or eye infections, or any other communicable illnesses.

Snacks welcomed

All drinks must be in a spill-proof cup provided by the parent.  All snacks must be in a zip lock bag or small container.  Please take your children to get a drink of water or anything else they need before you drop them off.  Staff will call you if your child/children require any assistance, including going to a drink.  Parents must respond immediately to all pages.

Bathroom breaks

Please take your children to the restroom before dropping them off.  This includes changing diapers.  Staff will call you if your child requires assistance or needs to use the restroom.  Parents must respond immediately to all pages.

It’s child’s play

Games, toys, books, crayons, and other safe activities for children are provided. Our staff looks forward to entertaining your children while you use the facility!

Your children only

Parents may only bring their own children to One to One Fitness. 

Good Behavior

All children are required to demonstrate good behavior when in our care and must follow the instructions/directions of the staff in order to utilize the babysitting services. 

Note:  For safety reasons, One to One staff will not take children out of the babysitting room.  This includes taking them to the restroom or for drinks.  Parents will be paged when needed to perform these duties and are required to respond as quickly as possible.  Inform staff if you are going to be in a group exercise class, training session, massage appointment, etc., where you cannot hear an overhead page.

Holiday & CWRU Break Schedules

Please note, our babysitting staff is comprised of CWRU student staff. For this reason, we may have limited babysitting hours over Holidays and CWRU breaks. Signs are always posted in the babysitting room and we also do our best to email the parents who use our babysitting services. If you have a question about hours, please contact us at or 216-368-1121 before bringing your children to the facility.