Fitness & Nutrition Programs

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Ready to change your life?

When it comes to your health and wellness we strive to provide exercise and nutrition programs designed to help you thrive, or meet your utmost potential through evidence-based proven techniques and education, and fun and engaging activities.

Everyone starts somewhere. 

Our fitness & nutrition programs are designed to meet you where you are.  Whether you are trying to eat healthier, lose weight, build muscle or just get active, we have the program for you! 

‌The programs are open to everyone (public welcome!).

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Get Fit For Life‌ | Set Goals and Achieve them with 1-on-1 Professional Guidance

Having trouble with weight loss,  building muscle, or just staying active? We understand. With every new diet or exercise trend it becomes more and more difficult to choose a smart plan and stick to it. We are here to help you make this the year you make positive changes and Get Fit for Life!

See what participants are saying about the Get Fit for Life Program:

  • "I started the Get Fit Program with Pam 6.5 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs!  We started with simple cardio and weight training and Pam’s program allowed me to see steady increases with cardiovascular endurance and strength training. I went from walking 30 minutes on the treadmill to now running 30 minutes and staying on for a total of 60 minutes. She also encouraged me to eat better and I feel so much better. I have eliminated the fast foods and increased my protein, veggies of all colors, and decreased my sugar intake. I feel so great in my daily life. I feel more confident, strong and happy. As I was packing to move back overseas, I was able to move boxes that my friends couldn’t even budge!  I loved working with Pam and will miss her. She has even asked me to send her my workouts and eating habits from China. I will continue to exercise the rest of my life because of Pam!"
  • "My sessions with Alex are simply fantastic. He pushes me past what I would normally do on my own, while monitoring my eating habits and giving me great pointers. I really like that at every session, we troubleshoot what has not been working for me that week from sleeping habits, to non-regular eating habits, to my reasons for not recently incorporating cardio into my routine. I especially love that he relates to my stressful schedule and is able to give me long-term stress management techniques. I think the biggest lesson I've learned with Alex is to manage my food binges so that I'm not yo-yoing as much. I've also taken a long-term, sustainable view to the weight loss. So even though I've not lost recently, the changes I've made will allow me to lose once I start ramping up my cardio. I also feel that I've gotten stronger with push-ups and planks without exacerbating my intermittent back pain - I actually have none now. Most importantly, I feel more confident and happier not just about my fitness level but also about my life stressors. Talking with Alex really helps me rebuild my confidence in many things and modify how I think about my studies, eating, exercising, and body image. All in all, I'm really glad I started back on the weight loss journey and that I'm working with a professional!"

What's included in the Get Fit for Life Program?

  • Pre and Post Fitness Assessments
  • 8 (30-minute) sessions with either a Personal Trainer who will help you set personalized and realistic goals.
  • 8-weeks full access to One to One Fitness, including 80+ group exercise classes, free parking, free daily lockers and towels, dry sauna access, and more!
  • Weekly newsletter with recipes, workout ideas, time management tips, motivation, and more.
  • Weekly prizes, challenges and incentives to encourage you for success.

Couch to Confidence‌ | Exercise Program for Beginners!

(8) 45-min. small group classes held once a week at One to One Fitness Center. This small group program designed to help you feel comfortable and confident with a variety of different workouts. Along with other beginners, you will learn how to exercise safely and effectively to reach your goals while discovering activities you enjoy!

  • Each class will introduce you to a different activity, including cardio and machine weight equipment, Yoga, Cycle, Muscle Conditioning, and more.
  • Classes are designed for the beginner and we will review safety, machine set up, proper intensity and repetitions, and more.
  • Discounted personal training and nutrition sessions for even greater guidance and success!
  • FREE access to One to One Fitness for 8-weeks for non-members.

Get Fit Together | 8-Week Exercise & Nutrition Seminar Series

Join us in a group seminar setting where we will cover exercise and nutrition basics to improve any eating plan and be more active in a safe and effective manner.

  • (8) group classes held once a week.
  • Each class will introduce you to different exercise and nutrition topics
  • Receive healthy recipes and exercise tips
  • Field trip to One to One Fitness Center to learn safe & effective exercise techniques
  • Have all your exercise and nutrition questions answered to help you start 2017 off on the right (and healthy) foot!