Departmental Courtesy Parking Stamp

Goal: Courtesy Parking Stamps are for guest visiting the university on part of a specific department.

Detailed Procedures

1.    Lot attendants are authorized to honor only the actual courtesy-stamped visitor stub. They are not authorized to accept pre-printed slips or any other form or document.

2.    Courtesy stamps are only valid when there is a lot attendant.

3.    Authorized users/stamp holders and the recipient must legibly write and sign their name on each parking stub on which they place a courtesy stamp. Unsigned stamps on parking stubs will not be accepted by the Parking Attendant.

4.    Stamps should be kept in secure locations. Lost or stolen stamps must be reported to Access Services immediately. In the event of a lost or stolen stamp, all charges appearing on the stamp will be billed back to the user department.

5.    Those using a courtesy stamp to validate visitors' parking tickets must keep a log of stamp uses, recording the date, the name of the visitor, and the time of the validation. A tracking log is available on Access Services at Offices should reconcile their parking log with parking reports and expense statements on a monthly basis. Upon request, Access Services can provide any department with additional details on the parking report to help in reconciling the log and reports or statements.

6.    Access Services must be notified in writing via email to if:

a.    an authorized user, designated on the Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form, is no longer an authorized user; 

b. A department moves to a new location; 

c.    the account number changes; or 

d.    A department no longer wishes to use a stamp; the stamp must be returned to Access Services. The department is liable for all charges until stamp is received an Access Services team member.

7.    All employees authorized to use a courtesy stamp must complete a Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form for a courtesy stamp and must certify in writing on that form they agree to abide by this Courtesy Stamp Policy, and they will not abuse or misuse the stamp or permit others to abuse or misuse the stamp.

8.    Only those users who are an authorized user on the Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form and have signed this form may use the designated stamp. An authorized user may not transfer the stamp to another individual and may not permit any other individual to use the stamp. 

9.    If a new authorized user is to be designated for a stamp, a new Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form must be completed. Courtesy Stamp Parking Requests Forms are available at Access Services or online at