International Postdocs

Office of Immigration and Human Resource Services

The Office of Immigration and Human Resource Services is the university's liaison with the federal agencies that are concerned with visa-related matters. The Office of Immigration and Human Resource Services facilitates immigrant/permanent resident status, is responsible for employment eligibility verification (I-9), W-4 tax status confirmation, and determines whether or not to file tax treaty exemption forms with the Internal Revenue Service.

International Postdoc Survival Guide

In order to help alleviate some of these stresses and better inform current and prospective international postdocs, the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) has created an online resource, the Survival Guide for International Postdocs. The Survival Guide has been compiled by members of the International Postdoc Committee (IPC) with the expert assistance of university international offices and postdoctoral offices, as well as an immigration attorney. It draws on the experiences of current and former postdocs who have traveled to the U.S. to do their postdoctoral training.