Interview Pre-nights

Interview pre-nights are an important aspect of the interview process. We recommend that students be fully prepared to engage in professional communication and to view an interview pre-night as an extension of their interview. If you need assistance preparing for an interview pre-night, schedule an appointment with a career consultant.

What is an Interview Pre-night?

An Interview Pre-night is normally held the evening before an On-campus Interview (OCI) is scheduled to allow employers to utilize the evening as part of their interview process. It is an opportunity for employers to expand upon job requirements and distribute any necessary information prior to interviews.

Who is eligible to participate?

Interview pre-night sessions are usually restricted to students that are on an employer's interview schedule the following day.

When are Interview Pre-nights held?

Interview pre-nights are typically held the evening prior to an employer's On-campus Interview.

What should I wear to an Interview Pre-night?

Please contact the employer for attire. Attire can range from business casual to professional business attire. Do NOT wear jeans, shorts, flip flops, or any type of casual clothing.

Where can I find a list of Interview Pre-nights?

Log in to Handshake. Under Event Type, look for Information Session Type, then click on Interview Pre-night, and click Search.