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June 4, 2007

Letter to Alumni Regarding the New University Logo

Dear Alumni,

For nearly a year, Case Western Reserve University has been carefully examining the institution’s graphic identity. Greg Eastwood, our interim president, was so concerned about the issue that he formed a Brand Task Group (BTG) to formally assess the impact of the word mark and logo on the university’s many audiences and stakeholders. The Task Group was co-chaired by University Trustees and alums Tim Callahan and Ted Schroeder who led the efforts of a dedicated group of individuals who represented all segments of the university family.

The work of the university included extensive research that solicited the opinions of alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the institution. Throughout the process, the group sought the ideas and input of all members of the university community. Additionally, in an effort to keep the process open and communicative, all of the information gathered was made immediately available to the entire university through print and electronic communications. Thanks to the diligent work of the BTG, and its recommendations to the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to report that Case Western Reserve has unveiled a new word mark and logo that will be the basis for a new graphic identity system for the university.

new logoThere has been a significant change in the university’s graphic representation. The new emblem is a more modern representation of Western Reserve University’s traditional sun and harkens back to the university’s historical crests in which lux, or light, has been used. This contemporary sun has been designed  as if viewed from space rising over the Earth. The sun as a  symbol embodies knowledge and the strengths of our institution:  the liberal arts, humanities, and health sciences most commonly associated with Western Reserve University, and engineering and technology associated with the Case Institute of Technology.

The more stylized sun has eight rays representing our Schools and College. The sun is boxed in a way to build on the previous logo, yet the right-hand corner of the new outline is open to symbolize global reach and limitless potential.

All of the administrative planning and artistic development was the responsibility of University Relations and the staff of Marketing and Communications. This use of in-house staff for both the strategic and creative process allowed the university to realize substantial savings on the project. A gradual implementation of the new graphics package will also result in better stewardship of university resources.

I believe we have resolved a difficult issue with a thoughtful approach and prudent solution. The process of creating a new logo for the university has been successful because of your continued engagement and support.

We know that a great institution is a reflection of its alumni, students and faculty contributions. We are proud of our collective accomplishments.


Thank you,

Daniel T. Clancy, LAW'62
Executive Director
Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University