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Campus Communications

June 4, 2007
President Eastwood unveils new university logo in his last general communication to the university community

This is my last general communication with you as Interim President. I have mixed feelings about that. I will miss the feedback on these letters that many of you have given me, by letter, e-mail, and in person, but I also share your pleasant anticipation as we await the arrival of our new president, Barbara R. Snyder, just a few weeks from now on July 1.

Report of the Brand Task Group and the Implementation Committee

The Board of Trustees at its June 2 meeting approved a resolution that re-confirmed the name of the University as Case Western Reserve University and endorsed and supported implementation of the Brand Task Group recommendations.

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March 22, 2007
An Update from the Implementation Committee of Case Western Reserve University's Branding Task Group

As you recall, the university's Branding Task Group (BTG) made its recommendations regarding future action on the university's logo to the Board of Trustees in late February.

Those recommendations called for the university to:

  • Develop a creative emblem and word mark design that is reflective of the university's rich history and current brand position
  • Develop a stratification of brand guidelines that builds on the 2003 foundation but allows for both formal and informal representations of the university
  • Develop a brand-positioning platform
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February 26, 2007
Branding Task Group Provides Recommendations
Case Western Reserve University's Branding Task Group (BTG), with the assistance of nationally renowned branding and communications consultants, Lipman Hearne, has proposed a return to the university's historical and traditional roots. Their key recommendation: Both of the great schools that built the institution's current foundation must be equally recognized and honored in any graphic representation of the institution. Continue reading...

February 26, 2007
Interim President Eastwood updates campus community on recommendations of original Branding Task Group, next steps in the branding review process
I write to tell you about the recommendations of the Brand Task Group (BTG) that I convened last summer. I believe these recommendations address concerns that you have expressed. Before I arrived in June 2006 and since, as I visited with alumni from both Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University, as well as others, I heard much dissatisfaction with the nomenclature and graphic representations of the university. Despite the many opinions and ideas on this subject, one theme came through: The university had misplaced its own history and traditions. Continue reading...