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Brand Implementation Committee

Based on recommendations of the original Branding Task Group, the university has created a new brand Implementation Committee (IC) to engage representatives of schools, departments, and other stakeholders over the next three months in developing a creative logo and brand platform—as well as new brand guidelines—that better reflect the shared contributions of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University.

Members of the Implementation Committee

Chris Ash
Office of Planning and Budget
Paula Baughn
Internal Communications
Dick Baznik
Strategic Planning
Dan Clancy
Alumni Relations
Lev Gonick
Information Technology Services
John Hachtel
University Marketing and Communications
Susan Iler
Creative Services
Nicole Ingram
Alumni Communications
Lara Kalafatis
University Relations
Glenn Nicholls
Student Affairs/Graduate Student Representative
Beth Nochomovitz
Printing Services and University Bookstore
Mohan Reddy
Dean/Faculty Representative
Kaye Ridolfi
Adam Rupe
Undergraduate Student Representative
Elizabeth Woyczynski
Undergraduate Admission