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Timeline and Process for Developing New Logo

March 1-28


Utilize Lipman Hearne survey results

Benchmark peer institution logos

Study current and future trends in logo design

Analyze nonprofit and corporate visual identity systems

View the Research Report

March 28-30

Community Input Phase I

Conduct campus forums

Conduct online forums

Conduct additional alumni forums

View the reports from campus and online forums

March 30-April 5


Create rough sketches of emblems and word marks based on feedback from forums

Seek initial feedback from Implementation Committee

View the sketches

April 6–April 12

Community Input Phase II

Display sketches to university community during a campus and online "logo fair"

Collect suggestions from university community regarding sketches

View report from online survey and logo fair

April 12-May 15


Refine most popular sketches based on suggestions from survey and fair

Present to IC for initial assessment

Provide final reports from all sub-committees

May 15-23

Community Input Phase III

Share three or four refined concepts with university community through online survey

Present report on Phase III input

May 23-May 30

Final Design

Narrow logo design to one using feedback from the second survey

Make recommendation to Branding Task Group

June 1

Final Recommendation

Provide BTG recommendations to President Eastwood

June 2-3

Board of Trustee Response

Provide recommendations to Board of Trustees