Western Reserve College Presidents

Charles E. Pierce

Henry Lawrence Hitchcock: 1855-1871

Henry Lawrence Hitchcock graduated from Yale College in 1832 at the age of 19 after preparation at Burton Academy. He came back to Ohio to become principal of Burton Academy, studying theology at home. In 1835 he entered Cincinnati's Lane Theological Seminary and graduated in 1837. He married Clarissa Ford who bore him eleven children; four of which were graduates of Western Reserve College.

Western Reserve College elected him to the presidency in 1855, the third president and first Ohioan to hold this office. During his administration the curriculum was broadened, the faculty strengthened and enrollment increased. He was an able administrator, was firm in his adherence to educational standards and so successful in financial rehabilitation that he brought the College to a position of financial stability. He resigned the presidency in 1871, but continued as a professor and pastor of the college church and financial agent until his death from typhoid in 1873.

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