Action Agendas

Academic Year 09/10 (FY10)
Action Agenda and its Funding

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:
I write regarding our efforts to advance the University’s Strategic Plan, Forward THINKING, including new funding initiatives that will begin this semester.  Our progress to date is the result of intensive efforts by many individuals across the campus, so I must start by expressing my gratitude to them for their hard work and commitment to collaboration. Today begins an effort to broaden the conversation, and we look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.
I.  Progress Report and FY10 Action Agenda
The document details selected strategic plan implementation achievements to date and the FY10 Agenda that describes specific priority actions for this academic year. (You may click here to access the secure document.) We determined these actions through a retreat last Spring Semester that included leaders of our schools and the College, as well as the leadership of administrative units reporting to the Office of the Provost (for example, Research, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Information Technology and Graduate and Undergraduate Studies), and representative organizations including the Faculty and Student Senates. Also present were leaders of our Alliances, the faculty groups established to develop activities and programs centered on interdisciplinary academic efforts identified in Forward THINKING.
II. Funding
Over the next few years the Office of the Provost will invest approximately $10 million to support strategic priorities. The first phase of this process involves “Interdisciplinary Alliance Investment Grants,” (IAIGs) in which faculty teams will develop proposals for research and curricular programs associated with the Alliances.  These proposals will involve reviews and endorsements by the relevant Alliance working groups and by deans, as well as final evaluation by a committee of faculty and staff.  I want to emphasize that this process is not the only opportunity for academic initiatives to secure funding; we are anticipating a second round for IAIGs in the next academic year.  In addition, we are currently developing another, separate allocation process to support Action Agenda priorities exclusive of the Alliance investments; we will share details of that program as soon as its details are finalized.
III. Communication and Context
This month I am meeting with leadership teams in every school and the College to discuss both the Action Agenda and our funding initiatives; for more information about those sessions please contact your dean’s offices.  In addition, we have launched a revised strategic planning implementation website, one that includes all relevant documents along with regular updates about developments relating to Forward THINKING.  This site will also include a section with answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and provide direct opportunities for you to offer feedback.  The website is . You also should feel free to contact me at or Chris Ash, Vice President for Planning, at
Finally, I want to emphasize that this is an evolving effort. Forward THINKING emphasizes levels of cooperation unprecedented in our University’s history.  Plan implementation is occurring through processes that will require continuous improvement. Please know, that we are open to your suggestions and dedicated to taking the steps necessary to have the most successful effort possible.

W.A. “Bud” Baeslack
Provost and Executive Vice President