Leadership - Plan Action Committee


The Plan Action Committee (PAC) replaces the University Plan Steering Committee, and is responsible for helping to direct the development of the annual “Action Agenda” and evaluating the progress towards achieving the goals of the strategic plan. Membership on the committee includes representation from the various stakeholder groups – Portfolio and Alliance leadership, Faculty Senate, and Student Organizations.

Portfolio Definition

A portfolio is an organizational entity or unit with its own strategic plan that aligns with the University plan.  Each portfolio is responsible for developing an annual action agenda for achieving its plan, as well as a set of metrics to measure success.  Each portfolio will be expected to evaluate its performance and make recommendations for improvement and/or change.



  • Provost – Bud Baeslack
  • Deputy Provost – Lynn Singer
  • VP for Information Technology Services – Lev Gonick
  • VP for Research & Technology Transfer – Mark Coticchia
  • VP for Student Affairs – Glenn Nicholls
  • VP for Enrollment Management –Richard Bischoff
  • Alliance Representative – Robert Miller
  • Dean, College of Arts & Sciences – Cyrus Taylor
  • Dean, Case School of Engineering – Norman Tien
  • Dean, Weatherhead School of Mgt. – Mohan Reddy
  • Dean, Mandel School of Applied Social Sci. – Cleve Gilmore
  • Interim Dean, School of Law – Robert Rawson
  • Dean, School of Dental Medicine – Jerry Goldberg
  • Dean, School of Nursing – May Wykle
  • Dean, School of Medicine – Pam Davis
    Governing Bodies:

  • Chair, Faculty Senate – Carol Musil
  • Chair-Elect, Senate – Alan Levine
  • President, USGS – Minh-Tri Nguyen
  • President, Grad Student Senate – Quentin Jamieson

    Planning Support Team:

  • VP for University Planning – Chris Ash
  • Director of Institutional Research – Jean Gubbins
  • Vice President Emeritus for Public Affairs, Dick Baznik

    Areas Reporting to the President:

  • Sr. VP for University Relations & Development – Bruce Loessin
  • Sr. VP for Administration – John Wheeler
  • Sr. VP of Finance and CFO – John Sideras
  • VP for Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunity – Marilyn Sanders Mobley