How We Pay

How CWRU Pays: Three Ways

Payment for goods or services can be made in one of three ways:

  1. Payment Request (for payment made to Individuals ONLY):

    • Direct Deposit:

      • Travel Advance;

      • Travel Reimbursement;

      • T&E Card (paid by cardholder);

      • Immigration Services & Inspection Fees;

      • Postage (small department charges);

      • Insurance (Controller's Office and Finance & Administration

    • Check, mailed to address on file:

      • Honoraria;

      • Research Participants;

      • Cash Awards & Prizes (to non-university employees).

    • Check, for pick-up at Cashier's Office:

      • Petty Cash;

      • Scholarships to Students.

  2. PCard and DCard (directly billed to and paid by Accounts Payable)

  3. Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order.

    • The end user requests an order by generating a requisition

    • After approvals as needed, a PO is generated by purchasing and sent to the vendor

    • If the purchase is over $5000, when the order is received the PO must be received in PeopleSoft by the user who created the requisition.

    • The vendor sends an invoice including the PO number to Accounts Payable

      • Invoices should be emailed to

      • If the vendor is enabled in SmartCART, the invoice should be sent electronically through SmartCART

    • Check, ACH or Credit Card payment is processed and payment is sent to the vendor

Research Participant Payment Guidance rev. 2021

CWRU Preferred Payment Methods

  1. Preferred

    1. Amex BIP - vendor pays small fee to use this method

      • Amex maintains supplier banking information

      • Vendor accesses payment portal through Amex

      • Payment in 30 days instead of standard 45 days

      • Full remittance details provided

      • Vendor must first sign up with Amex then Amex will notify Procurement that they have signed up for BIP

      • Can not be used for international bank accounts

    2. Credit Card Options

      1. VPay (File)

        • Uses Vpay Pay Cycle

        • Payment Terms of 30 days

        • Receives full remittance details

        • CWRU sends file to Amex and Amex sends a virtual credit card number to vendor for payment

        • Payment always via virtual card

      2. VPay (Ad hoc)

        • Vendor paid on PWCRD Pay Cycle

        • Payment Terms of 30 Days

        • Vendor receives full remittance details

        • AP creates single-use virtual card number and send it to the vendor

        • Manual process, should only be used occasionally 

      3. Physical Credit Card (AP PCard)

        • Fast or urgent payments (i.e., next day deposits)

        • Also occasional process, very manual 

    3. Non-Preferred

      1. ACH

        • Payment made directly to vendor bank account via KeyBank

        • CWRU maintains vendor bank information

        • Payment terms standard 45-days

        • Usually deposited in 2-3 business days

        • Open to fraud

      2. Check

        • Payment by paper check mailed through USPS

        • Check information administered by KeyBank

        • Longest way to get payment (3-5 days via mail)

        • Vendors defaulting back to check from another method may be reset to 60 day payment terms

Additional Information

For additional information regarding how to pay or the status of payment please contact