December 13, 2006

Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration

To: Case Western Reserve University Women Faculty and Staff
From: Deputy Provost Lynn Singer and Associate Provost Kathryn Karipides
Re: Support for attendance at Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration

As part of the university's commitment to the development of women leaders at Case Western Reserve University, Deputy Provost Lynn Singer is accepting applications for financial support for attendance at the 2007 Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration. The dates for the 2007 Summer Institute are Saturday 23 June through Wednesday 18 July.

This initiative was launched in AY 2003-04. Recipients have been Wendy Shapiro (Director Instructional Technology & Academic Computing), Denise Douglas (Associate Dean Graduate Studies), Adrienne Dziak (Director of Government Relations), and Jacklyn Chisholm (VP of Planning & Institutional Relations at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum).

The purpose of the Summer Institute is to improve the status of women in the middle and executive levels of higher education administration. The Summer Institute is designed to prepare participants to assume leadership positions in higher education by providing an intensive experience in the various facets of university administration. Speakers include university presidents and provosts, chief financial officers, university vice presidents, deans and department chairs. The Summer Institute has been offered every summer since 1976.

Application for admission is open to women faculty and college or university administrators whose background, experience, and present responsibilities indicate a potential for professional advancement in higher education administration. Typically, participants carry such titles as department chair, director, assistant to the president, assistant dean, associate dean, dean, or assistant vice president. Detailed information is available at

Attendees generally live on the Bryn Mawr campus during the Summer Institute. The Case award covers tuition, room and board, and transportation. Incidental expenses and meals that are not included as part of the program fee are the responsibility of the attendee. There is no additional salary support provided. The deadline to apply for Case financial support is January 19, 2007. The deadline for applications to Bryn Mawr is March 1, 2007.

If you are interested in applying for university support, please send:
  • A short summary (no more than 2 pages) of how the Summer Institute will help you meet your career goals and what contribution your attendance will make to your department or school.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae.
  • A memo of support from Dean or department chair.

Criteria for University support include 1) evidence of advancement to date, 2) future potential for high level leadership at a university level, 3) evidence of ability and willingness to mentor other women on campus, and 4) leadership ability to promote the lessons learned from the Summer Institute.

Submit applications for funding by January 19, 2007 to: Associate Provost Kathryn Karipides, Office of the Provost, 216 Adelbert Hall, LC: 7001. The award will be made by Deputy Provost Singer by February 8, 2007. This will allow three weeks for the awardee to prepare application for the Summer Institute.