Supporting Students in Isolation and Quarantine

Many students are anxious about missing class if they are in quarantine or isolation. Read below to learn how faculty can support students in isolation or quarantine.

Respond Quickly and Empathetically 

Students are instructed to reach out to faculty should they have to quarantine or isolate. Faculty are encouraged to respond quickly and empathetically with suggestions on how students can keep up with class content. 

Options for Supporting Students

Many faculty have managed sick students during pre-pandemic years and have processes in place to manage through those illnesses. Options for supporting students include:

  • Identifying a student in the class to take notes for the student in quarantine or isolation.
  • Arranging for delivery of books and other physical materials needed from the library.
  • Recording your lectures and other instructional resources when possible (e.g., use video to explain how to solve a difficult problem), using Canvas to post presentations, assignments, and other course activities, and encourage students to use Canvas to keep up with the content.
  • Encouraging the whole class to make use of Zoom, Google Tools, and other electronic means of collaborating (if students are working on group assignments).
  • Offering to meet with students during office hours or by appointment in Zoom to answer any questions they have. 

Faculty are encouraged to communicate options to students and express support during this time. Faculty are also encouraged to share these Student Resources for Remote Learning

Reach Out to Students

If a student is missing from class during the first few weeks of the semester, faculty members should reach out to the student and let them know that the absence is recognized (students may not reach out to faculty), and that faculty members are ready and able to assist during this time.

Contact the Dean with Concerns or Questions

Faculty should reach out to their dean’s office with questions and concerns. Provost Vinson and the deans are in constant contact and are well prepared to address issues as they arise.