Faculty Endorsement

Students are required to include a faculty name as their project advisor and/or endorser of their research presentation application. Students need not have conducted the research on the Case campus.
It is understood that many undergraduate students engage in research and creative projects within collaborative teams of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students centered on Case faculty members' larger research endeavors. In addition to approving the overall readiness of the presentation, faculty advisers and/or endorsers are approving the undergraduate student's own role and authorship of the project and results of what may be a piece of a larger project.

All About Printing - Poster Printing Guidelines

SOURCE recommends that you discuss with your mentor about printing your poster in color on regular paper instead of glossy laminated paper. It is much less expensive, and if you will only be presenting your poster at Intersections, the paper version should be more than sufficient. If you are taking your poster to another conference, then the glossy will be better, because it will hold up better. Printing costs are not covered by SOURCE.

Where do I go for assistance with preparing and printing my poster?

(1) The Kelvin Smith Library is committed to assisting undergraduate research. Staff members are available during regular business hours to help with literature research, poster production and poster printing. For assistance with poster production or to schedule a poster printing session, please visit the KSL website at: http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/libraryservices/poster/index.html.

(2) Plain paper color poster printing can also be done in Student Activities and Leadership. They require a one week notice. Information can be found at: http://studentaffairs.case.edu/activities/services/poster.html.

(3) Printing Services can also print posters. Information for Printing Services can be found at: http://www.case.edu/finadmin/auxserv/printsrv/poster.html.

(4) Plain and glossy paper poster printing can be done at thinkbox. Information can be found at: http://engineering.case.edu/thinkbox/equipment/plotter


SOURCE Logos: Please choose the one that works best for you and resize accordingly. Use of the SOURCE logo is not required.
University Logos: To access these logos, you will need to enter your network id and password when prompted.

Oral Presentations

Students who indicate they will present orally will be contacted after April 1st about their preference of presentation time between 9am and 3pm.
Students may choose either a 10, 15 or 20 minute presentation length.
Each presentation room will contain a laptop, projector, and screen. It will also contain a table with chairs for the audience or rows of seating. Students need to bring their presentation on a flashdrive.
Students are encouraged to invite their friends and faculty to their presentation. Oral presentation schedules will be finalized by the Monday before Intersections.

Click here for Abstract Guidelines

Awards Competition

Students who choose to have their presentation (either oral or poster) judged, will be assigned up to 3 judges. It is desired that at least one judge be outside of your discipline area. Judging criteria can be found at: Oral or Poster.

Patience is Appreciated

Students, please remember: SOURCE maintains the latest registration deadline possible. The SOURCE office is working hard to prepare for a very successful, fun, and engaging Intersections in four short weeks. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, especially concerning communicating specific schedules and final details to you.