North Star FAQs


North Star Courses and Experiences will help students re-engage and reconnect with each other, with faculty and staff, and with businesses and residents of our neighboring communities.


Q: I am interested in making a proposal but it would require a small budget for setup. Is this possible? 
A: Unfortunately there are no monetary awards as part of the program.

Q: What is the benefit of submitting a North Star Course or Experience?
A: We know students want to be on campus, and the goal of this program is to provide students who are coming to CLE with a reason to be here.  In many cases, they have all remote courses (particularly in the case of first year students in large courses), so we want them to have other activities to engage in beyond extracurriculars.  We also recognize that we are in a difficult and unique time dealing with multiple crises. We need to use this opportunity, for those who are here, to educate, discuss, learn, and grow.   

Q: Given that the fall course list is pretty much set in stone at this point, is it possible for an existing course to be considered? 
A: In short, yes, you can use existing courses.  Some are adding an extra credit component and adding this new content, some are thinking about small group projects that can complement the existing course so other students can join the experience.  We will have some process (still under development!) for students to join/sign-up for the courses/experiences/projects that get the North Star designation.