Strengthening the Agora

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Strengthening our Agora through Civil Discourse

Case Western Reserve University is dedicated, as a  community, to knowledge and discovery. Through discussion and informed debate we help create and foster the informed citizenry that is essential to cultivating a healthy democracy, and healthy civic practices. We want to provide space for our community to reflect upon and discuss the events surrounding the breach of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Please use the form below to submit your ideas to help further the discussion!

Create Your Event

Ideally, your events will be:

  • Self-Organizing. These activities are about you. We are providing a general infrastructure and set of directions, but we think it is best for our community to organize and manage these events.

  • Informal. We want these gatherings to be welcoming and open...something relaxed.

  • Open to all. We would love to see faculty/staff/students collectively involved in these conversations, as well as individuals from across the disciplines.

  • Even more open through technology. Please use Zoom, or other electronic means, to bring people to the table.

  • Held during the day and evening. We know we have many different constituencies with many different needs.

  • Aware of the many ways our library systems can assist. Please use the library system to obtain books, articles, and videos for review if they are not available free of charge online. Kelvin Smith Library is such a resource—as is the Cleveland Public Library.

How to begin… and finish:

  1. Choose what. Decide on the book, article, video, or podcast and/or debate/discussion topic to host. If you don't have a specific idea in mind, some suggestions may be found here.

  2. Then when and where. Pick the date and time for your discussion(s). Set up a Zoom meeting or webinar.

  3. Let the community know. Promote the event to your friends and and colleagues. Use this form to provide information about the event that we will post on the Provost's website. Consider submitting your event to The Daily

  4. Ask for assistance (if you would like). If you are interested in having a facilitator as part of your discussion, please email

Submit Your Event Idea Now!