Meet Your Police Team

​Chief Paul Owens

Chief Paul Owens

Chief Paul Owens' police career began in 2006 as part of the initial CWRU police department. Owens has advanced through the ranks, serving as a corporal, sergeant, training sergeant, and lieutenant. During his leadership tenure, he has been working to re-energize the police and security department and advance the reputation as a respected department through training, discipline, accountability, and stimulating creativity and growth. Owens is committed to building the police department's internal and external relationships by focusing on strong customer service.

Passion/Hobbies: In addition to spending time with his family and dogs, he enjoys coaching his kids in the various sports they play.


Captain Matthew King

Captain Matthew King joined the Division of Public Safety in 2012 after graduating from University of Toledo with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. King attended Tri-C’s Police Academy and is a graduate of IACLEA’s Executive Development Institute. He enjoys teaching and is an instructor for various topics for the department. He is currently the Captain of Patrol Operations and oversees CWRU’s first K-9 Unit.

Passion/Hobbies: King enjoys the outdoors, traveling and spending time with his wife and son. 


Captain Daniel Schemmel

Captain Daniel Schemmel began his law enforcement career at CWRU in 2003. Prior to joining CWRU, Schemmel attended Wheeling Jesuit University where he played 4 years of varsity soccer and received a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Schemmel also attended Youngstown State University where he received his M.S. in Criminal Justice. Schemmel is a certified Master Criminal Investigator and Master Evidence Technician through OPOTA. During his career, Schemmel has served as a Detective, Corporal, Sergeant and currently Captain of the Special Operations Unit.

Passion/Hobbies: Schemmel enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children, traveling with family and spending time outdoors. 


Captain Adam Gilmore

Captain Adam Gilmore began his law enforcement career in 2007 and is a graduate of the Cleveland Heights Police Academy. Gilmore attended Cleveland State University where he received a B.A. in Sociology. During his career, Gilmore has been a field training officer, detective, first line supervisor, and recipient of the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) Top Cop award. Currently, Gilmore is the Director of Police Community Relations and leads the department’s community engagement team. 

Passion/Hobbies: Gilmore enjoys spending time with his wife and children, doing home renovations, and hiking in the woods. He coaches his children’s sports teams and helps out with their scout troops.

Smith 2

Lieutenant Kelly Smith

Lieutenant Kelly Smith began her career in law enforcement in 2011 with the Cleveland Division of Police after earning a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology and Human Services. Smith brings her leadership experience, knowledge and specialized training in procedural justice, domestic violence, active threat preparedness, firearms and crisis intervention to her current role in the Detective Bureau where she oversees all investigations. Lieutenant Smith values victim advocacy, mentorship, wellness and helping officers reach their full potential in serving the CWRU community.

Passion/Hobbies: Smith is a proud mom of three busy children and enjoys spending time with her husband at their volleyball tournaments, soccer games, orchestra concerts, musical theater performances and Irish dance competitions. She loves working out, running and reading.


Lieutenant Daniel Berman

Lieutenant Berman’s law enforcement career began in 2012. Prior to joining CWRU PD in 2022, Berman served for over a decade with the Cleveland Metroparks Police Department where he was recipient of awards such as the lifesaving award, OVI enforcement award, and the MADD Top Cop Award. He has previously held the ranks of Field Training Officer and Sergeant. Lieutenant Berman brings experience in criminal enforcement and apprehension, traffic operations, and crisis intervention to his current role overseeing the training section among several other administrative duties. He holds a B.S. in Legal Studies and an M.S. in Criminal Justice. Lieutenant Berman is a veteran of the United States Army with several overseas combat deployments. 

Passion/Hobbies: Lieutenant Berman enjoys sports, traveling, home improvement projects and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Lieutenant Geoffrey Zevnik

Lieutenant Geoffrey Zevnik has been with the Division of Public Safety since 2010. His background is in Special Operations, which include recruitment, hiring, and community engagement. Zevnik is committed to collaborating with the CWRU community and values the University’s core values that positively impact beyond CWRU.

Passion/Hobbies: In addition to spending time with his family, Zevnik also enjoys coaching both his daughters with their various sports throughout the year.  He loves Hockey and enjoys playing Golf.

Rodney Jordan

Lieutenant Rodney Jordan

Lieutenant Rodney Jordan has been with the Division of Public Safety since 1995 and loves it. Jordan began his career at CWRU as a security officer. In 2006, Jordan became a police officer and has been serving as command staff since 2015. Jordan currently serves as the Lieutenant of Special Operations. Lieutenant Jordan went to Orange High School and graduated from Orange in 1987. Jordan then attended Iowa Wesleyan College and graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice in 1992.

Passion/Hobbies: Lieuteant Jordan spends time with his family, his lovely girlfriend and her son. Jordan's hobby is DJing, which is something that he has done for over 30 years. Jordan loves to share his talent with the university when possible.


Lieutenant Matthew Sefcik

Lieutenant Matthew Sefcik began his Law Enforcement career in 2015 and is a graduate of the Cleveland Heights Police Academy. He joined the CWRU Division of Public Safety in 2016. During his career, Lieutenant Sefcik has climbed his way through the ranks as Patrolman, FTO, Corporal, and Interim Sergeant. He is an instructor in various topics and enjoys teaching Self-Defense and other safety topics for the CWRU Community.

Passion/Hobbies: Lieutenant Sefcik enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and dog.


Lieutenant Justin Morrison
Lieutenant Morrison joined the Division of Public Safety in January of 2018 after graduating from Kent State Police Academy and has a B.A. in Sociology-Criminology from Ohio University. Lieutenant Morrison has worked in the role of Police Officer, Field Training Officer and now as a shift Lieutenant. Lieutenant Morrison is an instructor for various topics for the department.

Passion/Hobbies: Lieutenant Morrison enjoys spending time with his family and dogs. Lieutenant Morrison enjoys music, sports and spending time at the gym.


Lieutenant Nikolai Przybylski
Lieutenant Nik Przybylski’s career in law enforcement began in 1998 with the Cleveland Police Department. During his 25 year career, he honorably served the citizens of the 4 th District as a patrol officer, field training officer, and detective. Lt. Przybylski is currently assigned to 3rd shift patrol. He is looking forward to becoming acquainted with students, faculty and staff and utilizing his experience in crisis intervention and community policing to unite the CWRU campus with mutual courtesy and understanding.
Passion/Hobbies: Lt. Przybylski enjoys spending time with his wife and children, traveling, grilling, watching sporting events, serving the less fortunate at his church and hiking in the outdoors.


Sergeant Brent Lytton
Lytton is a veteran and served 10 years as an officer in the United States Army. Lytton is also a 1994 graduate of Marshall University. In addition, Lytton has over 27 years of law enforcement experience. Lytton helped implement the ALICE program at Case Western Reserve University, and enjoys teaching the campus community on what to do in the event of an active aggressor..

Passion/Hobbies: Lytton enjoys spending time with his three sons and cat Ernie, exercising, working around his home, and  visiting US historical sites with his best friend Lt. Seffy and watching movies.


Sergeant Sarah Shendy

Shendy has been in law enforcement since 2008. Her background includes but is not limited to working in juvenile corrections, mental health, training, and community engagement. Shendy values training and education, she has a B.A and M.S in Criminal Justice. Shendy is fluent in the Arabic language and developed a class in 2012 on interacting with the Middle Eastern and Muslim population. The class has been taught to local, state, and federal law enforcement in Ohio and in other states.

Passion/Hobbies: In addition to spending time with family and friends, Shendy enjoys time at the gym, hot yoga, music, traveling, and being outdoors.

Sergeant Harrison Springfield

Sergeant Springfield joined the Division of Public Safety in June of 2022. He started his law enforcement career in 2013. He has worked in the role of Police Officer, Field Training Officer, Corporal and now as third shift Sergeant.

Passion/Hobbies: He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, watching movies and doing yard work around his home. He also loves playing and watching all levels of basketball.