Rave Alerts


For more information about Rave and how to manage your profile, visit getrave.com.

Be in the Know in an Emergency

Whether it’s a crisis on campus or a cancellation of classes due to snow, you need to know what’s happening on campus, as soon as possible.

What are Rave alerts?

In the event of an emergency, weather cancellation, street closure or any other type of event where information needs to be disseminated quickly to the campus community, Case Western Reserve University officials use the mass notification alert system Rave (Rave Mobile Safety).

The university only uses Rave alerts when an emergency affects a large portion of campus.  Messages will begin with “CWRU Alert” so you are aware these messages are of critical importance.

The alerts are sent using many different means to provide updates to the campus community via:

  • email

  • text

  • voice (to campus and/or mobile phones)

  • social media

  • website banners

How do I sign up for Rave alerts?

All individuals with CWRU network IDs automatically receive RAVE alerts to campus email and campus landline phones. However, to receive alerts on your personal cellular phone or to a personal email, you must input that information. To ensure you receive alerts to the appropriate email address or phone number(s), please enter and review your information at least once per year at getrave.com.

CWRU parents: Please note that these alerts are available only to individuals with network IDs. To receive notifications in the event of an emergency, your son or daughter can add your email or cellular number to their Rave account.

Directions for adding/updating information in Rave

  1. Visit getrave.com.

  2. A prompt screen may appear asking the organization with which you are affiliated; begin typing in “Case Western Reserve University” and select the university’s name.

  3. Review your name, password, mobile phone and/or voice-only (landline) phone numbers along with your email address.

  4. To edit your name or phone number, click the edit button (which looks like a pencil on a piece of paper) and update your information. Your primary email address is your CWRU account and cannot be removed.

  5. To add another phone number or email address (for example, to allow your parents to receive Rave alerts), click the “add” button with the green plus sign. These can be removed at any time by clicking the red delete button.

  6. If you have difficulty receiving messages, use the “test” option to send a test message to your mobile device or email.

Questions? Visit the “help” section on the Rave website or contact the CWRU Help Line at 216.368.HELP (4357).

For more information on all emergency communications at Case Western Reserve, visit case.edu/umc/communications/emergency/.