CWRU Alert 4/5/18

Security Alert

Case Western Reserve University Police & Security Services

Location of incident: 2236 Murray Hill Rd

Date of incident: 04/05/18

Time of incident: 7:00 pm

Incident description: A student reported purchasing an item from social media and agreed to meet the potential buyer. While riding inside of the vehicle heading east bound on Murray Hill Rd, the vehicle stopped in front of 2236 Murray Hill. While inside of the vehicle 3 males banished hand guns and demanded the money from the victim. The victim complied and exited the vehicle. The vehicle headed east bound on Murray Hill. The victim delayed reporting the incident because the victim was in fear.

Suspect description: The description of males as follows.

Suspect 1. Male approximately 6 ft. tall, 20-24 years of age wearing a red crew neck sweater with short dark hair.
Suspect 2. Male approximately 6 ft. tall 20-24 years of age, average build with spike blonde hair.
Suspect 3.  Male Bald Head, black sweater, blue jeans.
Suspect 4. Male Thin build 6 ft. curly dark hair.

Additional information: The vehicle described as late 1990s early 2000s Volkswagen 4 door small sedan, Light blue in color with rust around the wheels. The Victim advised that he was not injured. Case Police and UCPD Units responded and toured the area.

Initiated: 04/06/18

Information provided by: Case Western Reserve University Police Department.