CWRU Security Alert 11/20/2019

Security Alert

Case Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety

Crime: Aggravated Robbery

Location of incident: Euclid Ave (near UH Hospital)

Date of Incident: November 20, 2019

Time of Incident:  4:27pm

Incident Description: A student was robbed on Euclid Ave near UH Cleveland Medical Center.  The suspect did have a weapon.  The suspect fled westbound on Euclid and was apprehended by the CWRU police officer at the crosswalk. 

Additional information: The suspect has been arrested by CWRU PD.

Initiated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Information provided by: CWRU PD

Case Western Reserve University is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of the community. We strongly encourage individuals to regularly check to see what safety tips and services we provide.

If you have any information on this crime, please call 216.368.3333 as soon as possible. If you would like to leave an anonymous tip, please call 216.368.3331.

Case Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety releases security alerts, in compliance with the federal Clery Act, when a Clery-reportable crime is committed and the university determines there is an ongoing threat on campus to the health or safety of students or employees.