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Summer Deadlines

Summer Deadlines

Registration + Withdrawal Deadlines: 2018

First Day of Classes
3-week (May Term) May 14
4-week (sess. 1) June 4
4-week (sess. 2) July 9 
5-week June 4
6-week June 18
8-week June 4
Late Registration Drop/Add Ends
3-week (May Term) May 16
4-week (sess. 1) June 6
4-week (sess. 2) July 11
5-week June 6
6-week June 20
8-week June 8
Deadline for Class Withdrawal*
3-week (May Term) May 25
4-week (sess. 1) June 22
4-week (sess. 2) July 27
5-week June 29
6-week July 18
8-week July 16
Last Day of Classes
3-week (May Term) June 1
4-week (sess. 1) June 29
4-week (sess. 2) Aug 3
5-week July 6
6-week July 30
8-week July 30

*Undergraduates may be able to withdraw from a class through the last day of the session. Please contact for more information.

The last day to register for a class in a dynamically dated session is the day before the class begins. For more important summer dates and deadlines, see the Prior Years' Academic Calendars.