Access + Training

Access to maintain the Schedule of Classes (SOC) gives users the ability to update current class data, such as meeting patterns and instructors of record, as well as add new classes to the schedule. This access is based on academic organization(s) (e.g., ACCT). Users will only have access to maintain classes owned by his or her department. Training is required before this access can be granted.

The following video series serves as the initial training for SOC access. Please view these videos in their entirety and submit the SIS Security Request Form. Once completed, submit the Acknowledgement Form confirming that you have viewed the videos.

Video 1 - An Overview

Video 2 - Relevance of Course Catalog

Video 3 - Dynamic Dates

Video 4 - Schedule of Classes Maintenance

Video 5 - Add a Course Not Previously Offered

Video 6 - Advanced Scheduling: Combining Sections

Video 7 - Advanced Scheduling: Multiple Meeting Patterns

Video 8 - Advanced Scheduling: Multiple Components

Video 9 - Reports for the SOC

Video 10 - Publishing the SOC and Canceling Sections

Video 11 - Conclusion, Resources and Next Steps

Acknowledgement Form

Additional in-person training - Optional


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